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Index Family:    Wilshire Target Indexes
Index Name:    The Target Large Company Growth Index

The Target Large Company Growth Index is a focused measurement of the large growth sector of the market and is used to track Wilshire Asset Management's Large Growth accounts. Companies listed in this index are large companies that have above average earnings and sales growth histories and fit a classic high quality growth profile. Companies that do not fall clearly into the defined growth category are eliminated. It is typical to find securities in this index that have enjoyed long and successful growth trends. In addition, these companies typically have higher than average returns on equity and levels of profitability.



  • Derived from the Target Top 750 Universe.
  • Security choice is based on the relative evaluation of fundamentals such as sales growth, return on equity, and dividend payout.
  • All criteria are relative so that the index is not affected by the changing levels of these measures during different market periods.
  • Changes in the index occur quarterly to ensure that the portfolio always reflects the best configuration for the style.
  • Uses same membership guidelines as the Target Top 2500 Universe.


  • Orientation of the index is one that eliminates those companies that do not fit the growth criteria, as opposed to establishing explicit cutoffs for each measure.

Adjustments and Maintenance

  • The index is readjusted quarterly.
  • A security will be excluded from the index when it stops trading.
  • Shares outstanding may be adjusted to reflect corporate events during the quarter; otherwise, shares outstanding are updated once per quarter.

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