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Index Family:    Wilshire Style Indexes
Index Name:    The Wilshire Small Cap 1750 Index

Measures small stocks. The index is comprised of the next 1,750 largest stocks -- from 751 to 2,500 by market cap - derived from the Wilshire 5000 at June 30 of each year.



  • The 751 to 2,500 largest stocks in the Wilshire 5000 as determined by market cap
  • Follows Wilshire 5000 membership guidelines.

Adjustments and Maintenance

  • Additions to the index are made once a year in June.
  • A security will be excluded from the index at the month-end following the day it stops trading.
  • Shares outstanding may be adjusted to reflect corporate events during the quarter; otherwise, shares outstanding are updated once a quarter.

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